All Fish All Oklahoma Fly Fishing Challenge

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Individual Standings

Name Score Action
Donavan Clary 15 View
Phil Curtis 15 View
Kelly Brown 14 View
Russell Vaughn 14 View
Scott Hood 14 View
Scott Felzien 12 View
Dannie Wesley 11 View
Bryon Helm 10 View
Joey Jones 9 View
Colby Farquhar 8 View
Duane Hunt Jr 7 View
Bruce Burton 5 View
Chase Healey 5 View
Kevin Carey 4 View
Mike Parker 4 View
Patrick McCright 3 View

Big Fish Leaders

** You can unseat a Big Fish Leader anytime that you post a verified measurment of a bigger fish (Read the rules)**
Fish Angler Length (inches)
Striped Bass Donavan Clary 27
LargeMouth Bass Donavan Clary 20
Rainbow Trout Russell Vaughn 19
Smallmouth Bass Donavan Clary 19
Sand Bass Donavan Clary 14
Bluegill Scott Hood 9

Team Standings

Name Score Action
Team Castaways 15 View
Team Scissortail Catchers 15 View
Team PHWFF 9 View