All Fish All Oklahoma Fly Fishing Challenge

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Individual Standings

Name Score Action
Donavan Clary 15 View
Scott Hood 13 View
Phil Curtis 12 View
Dannie Wesley 8 View
Russell Vaughn 8 View
Scott Felzien 7 View
Colby Farquhar 6 View
Joey Jones 6 View
Bruce Burton 5 View
Duane Hunt Jr 5 View
Mike Parker 4 View
Patrick McCright 3 View
Kelly Brown 1 View
Bryon Helm 0 View

Big Fish Leaders

** You can unseat a Big Fish Leader anytime that you post a verified measurment of a bigger fish (Read the rules)**
Fish Angler Length (inches)
Striped Bass Donavan Clary 27
Rainbow Trout Russell Vaughn 19
Smallmouth Bass Donavan Clary 14
LargeMouth Bass Duane Hunt Jr 13
Bluegill Scott Hood 9
Sand Bass Open 0

Team Standings

Name Score Action
Team Castaways 14 View
Team Scissortail Catchers 8 View
Team PHWFF 3 View